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Finding a Reputable Breeder

Lab PuppiesUpstanding dog breeders don't sell their puppies to the first person who shows up with cash in hand. All too often, people buy puppies from puppy mills or backyard breeders who breed their dog to make a little money or simply because they have a dog "with papers". The result is a litter of puppies with poor health or temperament problems. These problems are rarely discovered right away.

A dog who has genetic health problems due to poor breeding practices or who develops significant behavior problems due to a lack of early socialization will need professional care. This can cost thousands of dollars to treat, if the issue is even treatable. Some genetic problems are untreatable and result in pain and death for the puppy as well as grief and heartache for the owner.

Remember, your dog will likely live 10 to 20 years. It is well worth investing some time now to be sure you're working with a reputable dog breeder who breeds healthy, happy dogs and keeps them in clean and humane conditions.
You can find the puppies that are available on this site. Information about the breeds and contact information for reputable breeders are also here. By exploring our site, you will gain much knowledge about the breed you’re interested in and find a reputable breeder as well.

Make a list of questions to ask the breeders. Call one of the reputable breeders and speak with them. Ask them the questions and answer the questions that they have for you. Remember to find out when the puppies can be seen, if the breeder is local. Don’t be disappointed if the breeder doesn’t allow visitors until 7 weeks. This is normal and is for the health protection of the puppies.

Ask the breeder how long he's been involved in breeding and how many types of dogs he owns. A good breeder should have years of experience and be involved with only one or two breeds. Make sure he's knowledgeable about breed standards in areas such as temperament, health, size and coat.


Find out if the breeder screens for health problems associated with the breed. A reputable breeder provides records and certificates showing that her dogs don't suffer from such genetic problems. Make sure the puppies have seen a vet at least once or twice before being purchased and that their vaccinations and wormings are up to date.

Visit the puppies, if at all possible. Pay close attention to where the puppies and adult dogs live. Quality breeders keep all of their puppies and dogs in their home. It should be a clean and safe environment. Spend time with the puppies and notice if they seem happy, friendly and healthy.

Ask the breeder to give you references from people who've bought puppies. The contact information should be an email address. Many happy puppy buyers just don’t want to be bothered conversing with another buyer. It is also acceptable for the breeder to provide written references. References are essential.

Make sure the breeder provides you a written contract when you've found a puppy. A contract should include a health guarantee. It should also stipulate that you agree to spay or neuter your puppy, if he is purchased as a pet. Take the time to be sure that everything that you find important is clearly established in the contract.

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