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Weimaraner Dog Breed Puppy Ads
AKA: Weimaraner Vorstehhund
Breed Group: Gundog Group Height Male: 24-27 inches (61-69cm)
Breed Size: Large Height Female: 22-25 inches (56-63cm)
Breed Origin: Germany Weight: 50-70 pounds (23-32kg)
The Weimaraner is a large dog with an athletic build and good muscle tone. Known as the 'Silver Ghost', the coloring of the Weimaraner ranges from mousy gray to silvery gray. His coat is sleek, smooth, and close fitting, and he sports an alert and eager expression. The weight of the Weimaraner is around 55-70 pounds for females, and 75-90 pounds for males. The height of these dogs is around 23-25 inches for females, and around 25-27 inches for males.

He is friendly, fearless, obedient and alert as well as loyal and protective of his family. He has an assertive, bold and rambunctious nature. The Weimaraner is very energetic and needs plenty of exercise. However, unlike some other hunting breeds, the Weimaraner is not a dog to be left outdoors. He thrives on human companionship and is a loyal hunting companion.

The Weimaraner's haunting eyes are a very distinctive feature of the breed — his eyes are either light amber, grey, or blue-grey. His coat ranges from mouse-grey to silver-grey and comes in two varieties — Short, smooth and sleek; and the Long-haired coat is flat and smooth or slightly wavy.

The Weimaraner, sometimes called "the grey ghost of Weimar", was developed in Germany as an all-purpose gun dog for the nobility. Originally used to hunt big game, the Weimaraner is now used almost exclusively on small furred and feathered game. Best known for his versatility, the Weimaraner is used for pointing, retrieving and tracking.
The life expectancy of the Weimaraner is around 10-12 years. There are a number of health problems to look out for with this breed, and this includes entropion, heart problems, spinal problems, digestive issues, bleeding disorders, PRA, HD, elbow dysplasia, HOD, PRA, torsion, bloat, cancer, skin problems, and thyroid problems. The parents of the Weimaraner puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.
Weimaraner Breed Clubs/Associatons
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Registered Breed Clubs  
None Registered at This Time..  
Other Breed Clubs  
Weimaraner Club of America (WCA)  
Weimaraner Association of Canada  
The Weimaraner Club of Queensland (Inc.)  
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Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 4
Watch Dog? 3
Exercise Needed? 5
Grooming? 3
Energy Level? 5
Shedding? 1
Ease to Train? 4
Good with children? 4
Weimaraner Breeders
Mr & Mrs K.J. & E.A. Grewcock
United Kingdom
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