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Otterhound Dog Breed Puppy Ads
Breed Group: Hound Group Height Male: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm.)
Breed Size: Large Height Female: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm.)
Breed Origin: Great Britain Weight: 66-115 pounds (30-52 kg.)
The Otterhound is a large and strong dog weighing up to 125 lbs for a mature male. They are known to be affectionate but not demanding in attention. They generally get along well with other dogs and animals when raised with them or carefully introduced. Due to their size, caution must be exercised around small children and frail elderly people.

He is described as a boisterous, even-tempered dog with true devotion to his owner. This is an active breed that requires lots of outdoor activity, including being able to swim. They excel at tracking, enjoy obedience as well as agility and other dog sports.

The Otterhound can be both loud in terms of his deep bark, and messy, which means that he is not ideally suited to those that like their homes to be spick and span all of the time. His bark does mean that this dog can make an effective watchdog. His stubborn and independent streak can make training something of a challenge, and this breed is best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership and training. The Otterhound gets along well with children, and with proper socialization should get along okay with other dogs - he should be socialized early on with cats and should not be trusted with smaller animals, as he does have strong hunting instincts. With strangers the reaction of the Otterhound can vary, and some may be reserved whereas others may be friendly. The Otterhound is quite a rare breed, and therefore those looking for a puppy may have quite a wait.

The Otterhound has been known in Britain since the 13th century where he was used to work in packs to hunt river otter that robbed the streams of fish. With his webbed feet and swimming endurance, the Otterhound is definitely a water dog. In North America, the Otterhound has been used to hunt mink, raccoon, mountain lion and bear. This is a rare breed with fewer than 1000 dogs worldwide. The largest population exists in the U.K and the U.S. as well as smaller numbers in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Canada. His ancestry includes the Bloodhound and he is an ancestor to the Airedale Terrier.
TIf you are considering a Otterhound puppy, or any breed, it is very important to be selective in choosing a responsible and reputable breeder. Ensure that the prospective puppy's parents have all health clearances. Breeding of any dog should not be done until after they have been proven to be free of evidence of significant hereditary diseases.
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Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 4
Watch Dog? 4
Exercise Needed? 3
Grooming? 3
Energy Level? 3
Shedding? 3
Ease to Train? 3
Good with children? 5
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