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Mi-Ki Dog Breed Puppy Ads
Breed Group: Toy Group Height Male: 10 - 11 inches
Breed Size: Small Height Female: 10 - 11 inches
Breed Origin: USA Weight: up to 10 pounds
Mi-Ki is pronounced Me-Key. It has a small "apple domed" head, with a well defined stop. (The International Mi-Ki Registry's, Mi-Ki heads are rounded, but not domed.) They have a short wide muzzle with a well defined stop (the region where the muzzle joins the skull), a muzzle that is pushed in or long and narrow are considered major faults. The Muzzle length varies from 1/2 inch in length to 1 1/2 inches. The teeth are level to slightly undershot. The eyes are large, round and set well apart, dark is most desirable, but blue with a blue colored coat and brown or ruby with a brown colored coat are acceptable. The nose is medium in size and flat on top with wide nostrils, never pinched. Generally the nose is black but can be self-colored on brown or lighter coated dogs. The ears are VERY MOBILE! The Mi-Ki ears can be carried erect or dropped. Both ear types are capable of "winging" their ears when extremely excited. Both ears must be either erect or dropped. All ears must be feathered. The neck is of medium length, and should never appear short or thick. Although the Mi-Ki appears Cobby, the body is slightly longer than the height, measured at the shoulders. The back line is straight and level. The chest is of medium depth. The ribs are well sprung. The forequarters have a well developed shoulder that is laid back to allow freedom of movement.

The Mi-Ki is intelligent, calm, sweet natured, affectionate and their activity level is low to moderate. Friendly and alert, making an excellent companion to the handicapped. They are laid back, and seldom bark, but if threatened they will stand their ground. Some also make a sound much like a yodel or a type of joyful twittering. They possess a high degree of intelligence, making them top candidates for the obedience ring. They love to be around people, and readily accept strangers. The Mi-Ki have a very even temperament, which makes them an ideal therapy dog. The Mi-Ki love kids. Most of the kids who have Mi-Ki's carry their Mi-Ki around, instead of a Teddy Bear. The Mi-Ki " THINKS IT'S A CAT" They have many of the same habits, sunning on a window sill and washing themselves like a cat. In fact, one Mi-Ki raised an entire litter of abandoned Kittens.

The Mi-Ki is not aggressive, nor are they intimidated by dogs. This same female who raised the litter of kittens also raised a litter of five Lamaleese puppies. By the time these pups were four weeks old they were almost as big as the Mi-Ki. They are extremely social and catlike in their mannerisms. The Mi-Ki is such an adaptable little dog, that many people who otherwise wouldnnâÂt be able to have a pet, find they can indeed have a Mi-Ki. The Mi-Ki can climb much like one of their ancestors the Japanese Chin and act catlike as they pounce on, chase and swat at their toys or playmates. They are easy to train and seem eager to adapt to your life style.

According to the IMR, the Mi-Ki is a new breed started in the late 1980's by a woman who went by the name of Micki Mackin, among others. She resided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and ittâÂs suburbs. She started developing a strain of small dogs from the Papillon, Japanese Chin, Maltese and the small Shih Tzu and in 1993 there was a Papillon/Yorkshire Terrier mix stud that she introduced to some of the females. Unfortunately, she did not keep accurate records, so the degree of mixture or combination of the breeds used is not known. Some credit Micki Mackin with the use of her name when she called the little dogs Mi-Kis (pronounced Mee-Kee). The International Mi-Ki Registry proclaims to be the Developing Founder. The IMR has taken that strain and through a strict breeding program, including DNA profiling through the United Kennel Club, Inc., is developing and refining the Mi-Ki into a new "made in USA" pure breed.
Mi-Kis with shorter muzzles, particularly older dogs, are in definite risk of respiratory problems. Mi-Ki teeth need frequent cleaning, particularly the short muzzled type. Mi-Kis are also inclined to have excessive hair between their toes which traps dirt. Having the face and feet shaven allows for easier care in keeping them clean and healthy.






Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 2
Watch Dog? 1
Exercise Needed? 1
Grooming? 5
Energy Level? 1
Shedding? 3
Ease to Train? 5
Good with children? 5
Mi-Ki Breeders
Annette Baker
United States
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John Kobel
United States
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