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Komondor Dog Breed Puppy Ads
AKA: Hungarian Sheepdog, Hungarian Komondor
Breed Group: Herding Group Height Male: 27½ inches and over
Breed Size: Giant Height Female: 25½ inches and over
Breed Origin: Hungary Weight: 80-130 pounds
The Komondor's general appearance is one of strength and dignity with a courageous demeanor. He is a large and muscular dog covered with a very distinctive and unusually heavy coat of white cords. This coat serves well to help him blend in with his flock as well as to protect him from weather extremes. The coat colour is always white but not necessarily a pure white. A small amount of cream or buff shading is sometimes seen in puppies. The ideal skin colour is grey though pink skin is acceptable to the breed standard. The puppy coat is fairly soft but shows the tendency to fall into cord-like curls. The young adult coat, or intermediate coat, consists of very short cords which may be hidden by fluff on the outer ends of the cords. The mature coat consists of a dense, soft, wooly undercoat and a coarser outer coat that is either wavy or curly. The coarser outercoat forms permanent, strong cords that are felt-like to the touch.

A loyal, protective, and dignified breed, the Komondor is a sensible and attentive dog. He is devoted to his own family, and is very protective of his owners, household children, and even household pets. However, this can mean that he is over-protective when strangers - adults or children - or strange animals are around, so early socialization and supervision is required. These dogs are very independent and self reliant, as these traits are in their nature. As puppies they can be quite energetic and playful, and although they do calm down as they mature, they still remain fast and agile. As adults these dogs have a very deep bark, which although adds to his watchdog abilities can be disturbing late at night.

The Komondor does have a tendency to get bored with routine, and needs a variety of mental and physical stimulation. These huge dogs are not suited to apartment life, and need to have a secured, safe area in which to exercise. These dogs can be very territorial and determined, and training can be difficult - the Komondor is best suited to someone with experience of dog ownership and training. This is a breed that is suited to those with plenty of time to commit to their pet, as they need ongoing training as well as being high maintenance in terms of grooming. He also needs an owner who is confident and assertive, yet positive, as otherwise he can become difficult to control.

The Komondor is known as the "King of the Working Dogs" in his native Hungary where he works as a flock guardian. He is believed to be closely related to the Afscharka, a Russian herding breed, and possibly the Puli. The breed was introduced to North America in the early 1930s and is officially recognized by both the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the American Kennel Club (AKC).
The Komondor has few genetic or heredity problems. However, as in all large breeds of dogs, incidence of Hip Dysplasia has been seen within the breed. Juvenile Cataracts as well as Entropion — a eye disorder resulting in the curling inwards of either the upper or lower eyelid — are also found in the breed.
Komondor Breed Clubs/Associatons
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Registered Breed Clubs  
None Registered at This Time..  
Other Breed Clubs  
The Komondor Club of America  
The Komondor Club of Great Britain  
The Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club, Inc.  
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Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 3
Watch Dog? 1
Exercise Needed? 3
Grooming? 5
Energy Level? 3
Shedding? 2
Ease to Train? 3
Good with children? 3
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