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Irish Terrier Dog Breed Puppy Ads
AKA: Irish Red Terrier
Breed Group: Terrier Group Height Male: about 18 inches (43 cm.)
Breed Size: Medium Height Female: about 18 inches (43 cm.)
Breed Origin: Ireland Weight: 25-27 pounds (11-12 kg.)
The physical appearance of the Irish Terrier is of a sturdy and strong dog with no signs of clumsiness. He gives an overall impression of gracefulness, power and endurance. His coat is dense, wiry and lies close to the body with a broken appearance. He also has an undercoat which is finer and softer. His colour is either a bright red, red wheaten or golden red and he may or may not have a small patch of white on the chest. He has dark brown eyes with a very intelligent expression.

The Irish Terrier is a dog that is very loyal and friendly, yet also very determined and territorial. These dogs have spirit, courage, and plenty of energy, making them ideal as watchdogs, companions, and family pets. This is a dog with great agility, and his boundless energy means that he does need a lot of exercise, which means that he will fare best with more active owners. These dogs thrive on physical stimulation and plenty of attention, and neglect will often lead to boredom and destructive behavior. The Irish Terrier loves to jump, dig, chase, and in many cases bark, so if you are looking for a quiet, calm dog then this is probably not the breed for you. He loves playing games of fetch.

The Irish Terrier is a very territorial dog, and can be very wary with strangers. This does make him an effective watchdog, and he will be protective of and loyal to his family. When it comes to other pets, the Irish Terrier can be both dominant and aggressive - any pet that tries to stand up to the Irish Terrier will have the bear the wrath of this breed. Strange animals will usually be challenged by the Irish Terrier, and owners should be warned that smaller animals such as rodents and rabbits may not live to see another day if they get in the way of these dogs. On the other hand, the Irish Terrier tends to get along well with children providing they are gentle and considerate. It is important to ensure that your Irish Terrier is socialized from an early age in order to promote a more stable temperament.

The Irish Terrier, once known as the Irish Sporting Terrier, is the only all-red Terrier and one of the oldest of the Terrier breeds. As his name suggests, he originates from Ireland, and was used as a ratter and guard dog as well as a soft-mouthed retriever. During World War I, Irish Terriers worked as messengers and sentinels displaying their courage, spirit, intelligence and faithfulness. The Irish Terrier was first registered in Canada in the years 1888-1889.
The Irish Terrier is generally a hardy and healthy breed, and there are not many health issues that are linked specifically to this breed. If you are considering purchasing a Irish Terrier puppy, or any breed, it is very important to be selective in choosing a responsible and reputable breeder. Ensure that the prospective puppy's parents have all health clearances. Breeding of any dog should not be done until after they have been proven to be free of evidence of significant hereditary diseases.
Irish Terrier Breed Clubs/Associatons
To add your official club/association, simply contact us and let us know your club's web address or contact details.

Registered Breed Clubs  
None Registered at This Time..  
Other Breed Clubs  
Irish Terrier Club of Southern California  
The U.K. Irish Terrier Association  
Nederlandse Ierse Terriër Club  
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Irish Terrier

Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 2
Watch Dog? 5
Exercise Needed? 4
Grooming? 3
Energy Level? 4
Shedding? 2
Ease to Train? 3
Good with children? 4
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