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Harrier Dog Breed Puppy Ads
Breed Group: Gundog Group Height Male: 19-21 inches (48-50 cm.)
Breed Size: Small Height Female: 19-21 inches (48-50 cm.)
Breed Origin: Great Britain Weight: 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg.)
The Harrier is similar to the English Foxhound, but smaller. The head is in proportion to the rest of the dog, with a bold forehead and a moderate stop. The muzzle is about the same length as the skull. The black nose is wide with open nostrils. The teeth meet in a level or scissors bite.

A good natured, eager, and responsive dog, the Harrier is a good choice for a family pet. This breed tends to be friendly and sweet natured, but can also be very stubborn, willful, and independent, making them best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership. He is a well balanced and determined dog, and has plenty of energy, enjoying a range of activities outdoors such as jogging and biking. This is a dog that needs to have physical and mental stimulation in order to avoid boredom and destructive behavior, and is not a breed for those with little time to commit to their pets. These dogs also love to explore, and this means that they should not be let off the leash in an area that is not secure and fenced otherwise he may wander off.

The Harrier gets along well with children and is also friendly around strangers. He gets on well with other dogs, but care and early socialization is necessary around smaller pets such as cats, otherwise he may chase them. Some Harriers can be difficult to housebreak, and training in general can be difficult with some of these dogs because of their stubborn nature. However, they are quick to learn, and a confident and assertive owner should not experience any major problems with training. A friendly and loving dog, the Harrier can make a good companion.

The Harrier originates from Great Britain, and was once considered a poor man's version of the Foxhound. These dogs hunt in packs with huntsmen, trailing hares and foxes. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1885.
Harriers in general are known to be a very healthy breed with an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. The Harrier has very few genetic problems and Hip Dysplasia is the most common problem seen in the breed. If you are considering the adoption of a Harrier puppy, or any breed, it is very important to be selective in choosing a responsible and reputable breeder. Ensure that the prospective puppy's parents have all health clearances.
Harrier Breed Clubs/Associatons
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Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 2
Watch Dog? 1
Exercise Needed? 4
Grooming? 1
Energy Level? 4
Shedding? 1
Ease to Train? 3
Good with children? 4
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