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Finnish Spitz Dog Breed Puppy Ads
AKA: Suomenpystykorva, Finsk Spets
Breed Group: Non Sporting Height Male: 15-20 inches (38-51 cm.)
Breed Size: Medium Height Female: 15-20 inches (38-51 cm.)
Breed Origin: Finland Weight: 31-35 pounds (14-16 kg.)
The Finnish Spitz is a dog with a sweet and alert expression, and is a medium sized dog with a sturdy build. His coat is short and close on the head, and longer on the body. The hair along the back and neck stands semi-erect, making the Finnish Spitz look as though he is permanently on guard. The coloring of the coat comes in various shades of golden red, and has a harsh texture with a dense, softer undercoat. The weight of the Finnish Spitz is around 25-33 pounds for males, and around 20-25 pounds for females. The height of the Finnish Spitz is 17-20 inches for males, and 15-18 inches for females.

A very independent and often aloof dog, the Finnish Spitz is a breed that is strong minded and lively. These dogs love to play and stay active, and physical and mental stimulation is a must in order to avoid boredom and associated destructive behavior. Although these dogs are very independent, they can also be very loyal and devoted to their families, and are known to be particularly fond of children. The Finnish Spitz may often bond with a particular person, but in general is a dog that loves the companionship of people and enjoys being a part of the family action. He does have a sensitive nature, and you should therefore ensure that he is not in an environment that is wrought with tension. Because of the independent nature of the breed it is important to ensure that he is socialized early on.

Although the Finnish Spitz gets along with most pets, he can be aggressive towards same sex dogs, and may chase smaller creatures such as birds and rodents. His aloof and conservative personality means that he will also be reserved with strangers in most cases. This is an intelligent breed that is quick to learn, which can make training easier, but this can be offset by his independence and willful streak, which means that assertiveness and confidence is needed by the owner. That said, the Finnish Spitz is a dog that is well suited to both experienced and inexperienced dog owners.

As the name suggests, the Finnish Spitz originates from Finland, and is in fact the national dog of Finland. Related to ancient hunting dogs, these dogs have been known by such names as Finnish Hunting Dogs and even Barking Bird Dogs. This breed is bred to hunt game birds such as grouse. The Finnish Spitz was registered by the AKC in 1991.
The lifespan of the Finnish Spitz is around 13-15 years, and in general this is a hardy and healthy breed with few problems associated with it in terms of health. Some of the health issues to look out for include cataracts, HD, and luxating patella. The parents of the Finnish Spitz puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.
Finnish Spitz Breed Clubs/Associatons
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Registered Breed Clubs  
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Other Breed Clubs  
Finnish Spitz Club of America  
The Finnish Spitz Club  
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Finnish Spitz

Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 2
Watch Dog? 2
Exercise Needed? 3
Grooming? 1
Energy Level? 3
Shedding? 3
Ease to Train? 2
Good with children? 5
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