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Fila Brasileiro Dog Breed Puppy Ads
AKA: Brazilian Mastiff
Breed Group: Working Group Height Male: 25.5-29.5 inches (65-75 cm.)
Breed Size: Giant Height Female: 25.5-29.5 inches (65-75 cm.)
Breed Origin: Brazil Weight: 90-110 pounds (41-50 kg.)
The Fila is well boned with a rectangular structure. Its Bloodhound ancestry is apparent in its long muzzle, pendulous skin, and superb tracking ably. Its muzzle is heavy with pendulous upper lips giving it a the Mastiff appearance. Its neck is very thick, with dewlap. The skin is of the most important breed characteristics. It is thick and loose all over the body, chiefly at the neck, forming pronounced dew laps, and in many individuals the folds proceed to the chest and abdomen. Some dogs show a fold at the side of the head and also at the withers descending to the shoulders. The coat is short, smooth, dense and soft. This breed may be any color, solid or brindle, except white, mouse gray, patched dogs, dappled, or black and tan. The typical colors are fawn, black and brindle. Brindles of a basic color, may have the stripes of either less or with very strong intensity. A black mask may or may not be present. In all permitted colors white markings should be limited to the feet, chest, and tip of tail.

The Fila Brasileiro is a courageous, powerful Mastiff. It is amenable with its human family, making a very loyal loving companion. Extremely dedicated to his owner. A Fila will protect you without a moments hesitation. He feels that is why he is there. Once you bond with your Fila you and your family will become his whole world. You do not teach your Fila to protect you, as he does this on his own. It is the breeds nature to be loyal and protective of his family. They love kids in their own family and take a lot of abuse from them. Ask anyone who has kids and Fila's and they will tell you how unbelievable it is how gentle they are with the children in the family. Fila's make great family pets and are gentle, loving, loyal and very protective. They will also bond with other pets in your home. Outstanding courage, determination, and bravery are part of his characteristics. He is docile and obedient to his owners and family and extremely tolerant with children in his own family.

he Fila is NOT a breed for the average pet owner. You need to know what the Fila Brasileiro is about and what it takes to own one. If you choose to raise your Fila using the methods which produce a dog who is "Ojeriza" to strangers (distrustful of), you must decide if your lifestyle will allow a protective breed who is anti-social with strangers and decide if you have the ability to control the dog. If you have a lot of friends and relatives coming in and out of your home you may want to consider another breed. You also need a good solid fence of correct height with secure locks to keep strangers out and the Fila in.

The Fila Brasileiro are descendants of the 15th-century English Mastiff, Bloodhound, Bulldog and Rafeiros. From the Bloodhound, he inherited loose skin and keen sense of smell. The Bloodhound in its bloodlines gives it superb tracking ability. The Mastiff contributed compact body, courage and an ever-alert disposition. When the Fila finds its quarry it does not attack, but rather holds it at bay until the hunter arrives. The Bulldog added the unforgiving impetuous temperament. The Fila has the abilty to track, herd and control livestock and large game. When slavery was legal in Brazil, the Fila was used return fugitives unharmed to their slave masters. The Filas great tracking ability led to its presents in North America and Europe. Due to its size and potential for aggression, it is unfairly banned in some countries.
Prone to most large breed ailments. Beware of hip dysplasia. As these dogs are prone to bloat, feed two or three small meals a day, instead of one large one. Also prone to CHD, gastric torsion, elbow dysplasia and PRA.





Fila Brasileiro

Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 2
Watch Dog? 5
Exercise Needed? 3
Grooming? 3
Energy Level? 3
Shedding? 1
Ease to Train? 5
Good with children? 4
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