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Borzoi Dog Breed Puppy Ads
AKA: Russian Wolfhound, Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya
Breed Group: Hound Group Height Male: Dogs at least 28 inches (71cm)
Breed Size: Large Height Female: Dogs at least 26 inches (66cm)
Breed Origin: Russia Weight: 60-105 pounds (27-48kg)
The weight of the Borzoi is around 75-100 pounds and these dogs weigh in at around 26-33 inches. The coat of these dogs is silky, and is either wavy or curly. The coat comes in a range of colors including solid white, white with markings, black and tan, red sable, brindle, red, and others. The Borzoi resembles a greyhound in stature, and was indeed bred to run with speed and agility when hunting wolves. He has a large, robust, and sturdy build, and a smaller, elongated head. The silky textured coat does shed quite heavily on a seasonal basis, but these dogs are otherwise medium shedders.

A graceful, dignified, and mild mannered dog, the Borzoi is an affectionate creature with a distinct calmness about him. Although independent and quiet when indoors, this is also a dog that is very active and fast, and therefore needs plenty of exercise. He also needs to be in a safe and secure area when playing and exercising or else he could disappear in a flash. There is something very noble and regal about the Borzoi, and he is generally a sociable animal that get along well with older, considerate children, although he is a little on the large size to be around smaller children.

The Borzoi gets along okay with other large dogs, but is something of a chaser and therefore should not be let loose on small dogs, cats, and other small animals that might run, giving him reason to chase. Without proper socialization the Borzoi can become either too aggressive or too shy, so early socialization is essential. This breed is usually quite reserved when it comes to strangers. These dogs can be gentle but do not appreciate being teased or startled, and this could result in a more aggressive reaction. These dogs are not demanding, and are quiet, sensitive, and intelligent, but they can get bored very easily.

Developed in Russia, the Borzoi was popular amongst aristocrats, and was bred to track and hunt wolves. These dogs hunted in packs, and the Borzoi is said to have been a favorite of the Russian writer Tolstoy. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1891.
The Borzoi has a life expectancy of around 9-13 years. There are a number of health problems to look out for with this breed, and this includes retinopathy, cataracts, bone cancer, heart defects, PRA, bloat, and allergies to chemicals and medications. The parents of the Borzoi puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.
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Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog? 2
Watch Dog? 1
Exercise Needed? 1
Grooming? 3
Energy Level? 1
Shedding? 3
Ease to Train? 2
Good with children? 3
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Wendy Finlayson
New Zealand
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Joyce E Law
United States
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